Posted in July 2012

Transforming the Deck

This is my year to work more outside with the deck and landscaping.  I have spent the past 9 years changing the inside of the house and did very little to the outside.  I have wanted to make my deck that “Oh so inviting deck” that you see on all the websites and the magazine … Continue reading

Re-purposing an Antique Milk Can

I have an antique milk can, I was using it on my deck to hold a flower-pot.  I wanted to add some color to my deck and decided to paint the antique milk can.  Here is what I started with. I taped the top, handles, middle and bottom so these could stay black.  I spray painted … Continue reading

Altering a Golf Shirt.

My husband needs me to help out at his golf outing this year.  Everyone from his company will be wearing matching shirts with their company logo on the shirt.  He brings me my shirt home on Wednesday, needles to say it is a men’s small and is way to long and to lose in the middle.   … Continue reading

What is this bug?

Let me start by saying I know NOTHING when it comes to gardening.    I started to garden this year, why I don’t know.  I thought since I am not working I would have the time to keep up my containers and I am doing more green things around the house.  So today I went out to … Continue reading

Painting clay pots

Here is some clay pots that I painted to add to my deck for some fun color.  I purchased the clay pots from a garage sale and finally got around to making them colorful. I love the added color to the flower pots.

Putting it all together.

We had a great celebration for the graduation party.  I wanted to share with you how all the projects I made came together. The mailbox card holder was a BIG hit.  Everyone loved the idea and I am now commissioned to make one for my Brother-in-law for his classroom. The cut out cookies did not last long, … Continue reading

D.I.Y. Twister Game

I came across an idea on Pinterest to make your own twister game.  Thanks to Fun Family Crafts for the idea.  I wanted to make this an inexpensive D.I.Y. project.  I did not have the spray paint needed to do this in the grass, so I decided to use sidewalk chalk and make the game in … Continue reading

Reese’s Cup Graduation Caps

Today I made the Reese’s cup graduation caps for my sons graduation party.  I am now on the count down to the party, 2 days and counting.  This was an easy and fun dessert to assembly.  I used Reese’s cups (of course), a generic brand of peanut butter and fudge cookie, Nocella(milk chocolate, hazelnut spread), string licorice and red … Continue reading