My name is DeDe Bailey, I just started my decor business in the Fall of 2011. I am blessed with this opportunity to leave the corporate world and be a stay at home mom.  My situation is a little backwards, in that my children are older and not young and impressionable.  I have 4 handsome young men.  The older 2 are my step sons,  Alex 23 and Spencer 21.  My sons are Mack 18 and Mitch 15.  I was given the opportunity to leave my job and pursue my home based business and to enjoy my boys high school years before they are off starting their own lives.
I have the hopes of opening a retail shop soon. I love local artist and truly appreciate all the many talents that people have. I want to take all those talents and put them together. In the mean time of perusing this dream I am focussing on my craft and building my home base business.  I work with stain glass.  I love all things glass and enjoy making mosaics and repurposing some items from trash.  I love to turn what people discard into a repurposed home accessory.
My passions are creating home accessories and decorating my home.  I take great pride in making my house the home it is today.
I would not be here today (blogging, creating, selling and loving)  if it were not for my wonderful husband, Randy.
Welcome to all things home decor and more.  My hope is that you will enjoy and find inspirations from my page and share it with your friends.
Please feel free to contact me:  Designeddecor@aol.com
Photos of my Family!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. So nice to meet you DeDe! Thanks for linking up to my special About Me Pity Party last week. I loved reading about you. I have a passion for local artists as well. I hope you get to open a retail store someday. 🙂

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