What is this bug?

Let me start by saying I know NOTHING when it comes to gardening.    I started to garden this year, why I don’t know.  I thought since I am not working I would have the time to keep up my containers and I am doing more green things around the house.  So today I went out to check on the tomato containers, they are still green and small.  I noticed that one of the tomatoes had part of it eaten, I thought what animal was nibbling on my tomato?  I was scanning the other tomatoes and noticed another one, now I am getting mad that something is nibbling on my tomato’s.  As I was checking for more, I noticed this!  YIKES!

What is it?  Can someone tell me, please!

I placed my foot in the picture so you could see how big it is.

What do I do with it?  I don’t have the guts to squish it, is there a good purpose for this thing?

Someone please tell me what to do with it!


7 thoughts on “What is this bug?

  1. You have tomato worms. They will kill you plant unless you kill them first. Pretty much the best (though extremely icky) way to get rid of them is to cut them in half with kitchen or garden shears. Be warned, they are green inside and out and will make you want to vomit.

    • Oh great! I could not bring myself to squash it, I was waiting for my husband to come home to do it for me. It crawled away before he was home. I will go out tomorrow and check my plants again. If I find more I will take them out in the street and have a car run them over. I don’t think I can cut them! Thanks for the feedback!

      • You are killen me smalls! Take a pair of garden gloves and pick them off one by one into something that you can seal and through away. Be sure to really look at one, they are quite impressive.

  2. I had an absolute infestation of these guys last year, but I couldn’t bring myself to intentionally kill them. It wasn’t long before the birds and wasps killed all but one of them. I usually just toss them far away from my garden and figure something else will eat them before they ever find their way back. Lol

    • Linda, so glad to hear that you are like me and could not kill it. I did the same as you, and he never made it back. I only had the one so far. I am excited as my tomatoes are finally turning red!

      • Yeah, last year I had two sets…I counted between 15-20 on four tomato plants at one point. I started feeling worse for them when I only one survived the daily attacks from wrens and predatory wasps. Seems like they don’t have much chance in the world! Lol.

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