I have moved!

I have MOVED!

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I want to let you all know that I have worked on moving my blog over to wordpress.org. I am on wordpress.com, but moving over to .org will allow me to host my site and have more ability to grow this blog. I have the new blog up and running, but it is a work in progress. I hope in this transition I do not lose my current followers, so I will be asking that you all follow my new blog. Hop on over to check out the new site, designeddecor.com.

  If you are following this blog through wordpress.com “follow button”, you will no longer receive my posts.  If you would still like to follow me, you will have to click on the above link and follow by email or through linky followers.   If you follow through your email, I am working on getting you transferred over, and you can also click the link above and re-subscribe through email.  I am sorry for the hassles, but would love for you to move with me!


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