Transforming the Deck

This is my year to work more outside with the deck and landscaping.  I have spent the past 9 years changing the inside of the house and did very little to the outside.  I have wanted to make my deck that “Oh so inviting deck” that you see on all the websites and the magazine covers.  So here is where I started.  The below pictures were taken in early May.  I had to wait until ALL the helicopter seeds fell before starting to power wash and stain.

The next set of pictures were taken at the end of May after power washing and staining the deck.  Can you see a difference?

Now the fun begins!  I started to add all the flowers and accessories.  I first did some DIY painting projects for my flower pots.  I than purchased some new cushions.  The floral ones on the Adirondack chairs I purchased from Sams Club online.  The bench cushions I had custom-made from a fellow ETSY artist @ The Pampered Camper.  Kathi did a fabulous job on these custom bench cushions.  All our communications were all online through her ETSY shop.  Thank you Kathi!  I purchased the decorative string lights from Target.

I still would like to add some rugs under the picnic table and the bar.  I would also like to add some more string lights to the railing.  I have another DIY project to do to replace the rusted metal piece that is on the side of the garage.  This will be an ongoing project that I have to budget out, so I will keep you informed of the updates to my transforming deck.


2 thoughts on “Transforming the Deck

  1. Wow! That was quite a bit of work. You must have real patience because I’m one of those people that want it right now! And then, if its done by that time frame, I give up. Very nice! I like the wood stain. It really brightened up the whole deck.

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