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Grateful Banner!

Grateful Banner!

I wanted to get this post out to you before you have family and friends over for Thanksgiving. This banner is an added must for the mantle or to hang on a china cabinet. You can make a bunch of the clothespins leafs and have your guests write what they are thankful for and then … Continue reading

Fall Decorating!

I wanted to share another post on Fall Decorating. Last week I shared the Living Room, this week is the Dining Room. The mirror was an outside window to the back of the house. An addition was placed on the back of the house and the owner’s converted the window into a mirror and kept … Continue reading

Transitioning to Fall!

I case you have not heard me say it before, I Love the Fall Season!  I love the colors(reds, yellows, oranges mixed with the greens) the sounds(ruffling of the leaves) and the smells(burning wood) of fall. This is my favorite Holiday to decorate, more than Christmas.  I want to share with you my living room … Continue reading

Fall Welcome Plaque!

I am still transitioning my house to fall decor. Today I started to decorate in the dining room. I was in need of an item to place on my mirror ledge. I will explain what my mirror ledge is in my next post on decorating the dining room, but today I want to show you … Continue reading

Painting Pumkins and How to use them!

I found this fall decorating inspiration on Pinterest, from Shanty 2 Chic. I fell in love and had to create this in my home. I know you can find white pumpkins, but they are more expensive and I have not seen them out yet this season, so I decided to paint the ones I had … Continue reading

Decorating the Mantel!

It is that time of the year that I LOVE! I love the season of fall and ALL of its wonderful colors, sounds and feel. I love to bring all the great colors of fall into my home decor. I have started with the mantel. The mantel is one of my favorite things to decorate … Continue reading

Autumn Picture Frame!

It is my favorite decorating season. I LOVE fall colors and decorating with these colors. I love the heat of summer, but love the season of fall the best. It is time to add these great fall colors into my home decor. Take down the summer and replace with the fall. I decided to decorate … Continue reading