Posted in June 2012

Graduation Party Table Decorations.

I have started to prepare for the Graduation Party for my son Mack.  Yesterday I made his card box holder with an old mail box.  Today I completed the table decorations. Here is the list of supplies I used for these graduation table decorations. Mason Jar decorative gem stones decorative shredded shiny paper decorative … Continue reading

Completed The Third Sons Scrapbook!

I can’t believe what a great feeling it was when I completed the last page to my sons scrapbook.  Let me start by saying I did not start my sons scrapbooks when they were babies, no I waited until each of them where seniors in high school.  Not only did I wait to do their scrapbooks when they … Continue reading

Remodeling the Kitchen

I love to decorate, especially my house.  We have made many changes to our home over the last 9 years since I moved in with my husband and 2 older step sons.  I wish I was blogging for these years, so I could share the transitions of our home.  I do not have many before photos of how the house looked … Continue reading