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Zippered Christmas Tree Ornament!

Zippered Christmas Tree Ornament!

Happy Monday All! The Christmas decorations are complete. I will be sharing with you in the next few weeks, all the decorating that has taken place for the Holiday season. The first item I want to share is my zipper tree ornament. I love them, they turned out so cool! I found this idea on … Continue reading

Grateful Banner!

Grateful Banner!

I wanted to get this post out to you before you have family and friends over for Thanksgiving. This banner is an added must for the mantle or to hang on a china cabinet. You can make a bunch of the clothespins leafs and have your guests write what they are thankful for and then … Continue reading

Tile Coasters- Tutorial

First off I hope that everyone is safe and prepared for this storm that is effecting the entire east coast. In these rainy days, I have been busy making tile coasters for my open house and for my Etsy shop. I thought I would share a step by step and the best way to make … Continue reading

Decorating Glass Blocks!

I love to repurpose construction glass blocks into a great night-light or a holiday decoration. I choose to repurpose the construction blocks over buying the plastic ones from the craft store. I feel it serves a greater purpose by recycling instead of buying new. I have several blocks that I have purchased from various garage … Continue reading

Fall Welcome Plaque!

I am still transitioning my house to fall decor. Today I started to decorate in the dining room. I was in need of an item to place on my mirror ledge. I will explain what my mirror ledge is in my next post on decorating the dining room, but today I want to show you … Continue reading

College Survival Kit

My oldest son is off to College.  He chose the University of Cincinnati, which is 4 hours away from home.  I am excited, nervous and scared all at once.  When we attended Freshman Orientation I took home a small nugget of advice from another mother.  She said pack a medicine kit for your son or daughter, … Continue reading

Putting it all together.

We had a great celebration for the graduation party.  I wanted to share with you how all the projects I made came together. The mailbox card holder was a BIG hit.  Everyone loved the idea and I am now commissioned to make one for my Brother-in-law for his classroom. The cut out cookies did not last long, … Continue reading

Graduation Party Candy Dish!

Do you see the theme here by the last few posts?  I think I am preparing for a graduation party.  I love planning for parties, my husband thinks I go overboard.  Maybe I do go overboard, but when you love to plan and decorate than it is never too much, right?  My husband asks, whats wrong … Continue reading

Graduation Party Table Decorations.

I have started to prepare for the Graduation Party for my son Mack.  Yesterday I made his card box holder with an old mail box.  Today I completed the table decorations. Here is the list of supplies I used for these graduation table decorations. Mason Jar decorative gem stones decorative shredded shiny paper decorative … Continue reading