Grow your blog link party!

I am co-hosting a Grow your blog link party. Please join us for the fun!

Good morning and welcome to the Grow Your Blog Blog Hop! This blog hop is all about networking and building your blog. Each week from Thursday through Sunday I will host the Grow Your Blog link party, along with a few co-hosts, in order to promote blog networking. Why is blog networking great for you? Simply put, it increases readership and traffic to your blog. How do you network? Visit. Comment. Invite. Communicate. These are key to growing your blog.


When you link up to this party:

  • Follow your host and co-hosts.
  • Visit and follow other bloggers.
  • Comment to let them know that you stopped by and how you followed their blog (GFC, BlogLovin, etc)
  • Invite them to visit your blog (be sure to leave your blog web address – too many times have I seen bloggers comment and request a visit to their blog without leaving their blog web address)
  • Communicate with them about what you like on their blog. Let them know you are interested in their blog. USE THEIR NAME! A simple “I’m so and so stopping by. I followed you please follow me.” just isn’t going to interest someone into visiting your blog. Sure, you can request a visit to your blog or a follow along but engage in some type of conversation first.
  • Grab a button and promote the party! The more participants, the more bloggers to network with!

Contact me at and I will schedule you!


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24 thoughts on “Grow your blog link party!

  1. Hi DeDe. Just stopping by from the Grow Your Blog hop! I love your One Item Wednesdays. So fun looking at all the different uses. I can’t wait to see more!

    Ashley Marie @ Your Girl for all Seasonings

  2. I am so excited to be following you! Thanks for co-hosting. I am also following your facebook and Pinterest. I really like the way you have your pinterest page laid out. Gives me something to think about.

  3. Hello DeDe.
    I’m a new follower from the link up! Nice to meet you and cant wait to get to know you!
    I’m following you through bloglovin’!

    I’m over at… would love for you to come over!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my thrifted outfit. So nice to know I’m not the only one out there with gorilla size feet, lol. What a great idea; to give ways to grow your blog. When I’m going strong and leaving lots of comments and following it shows in my pageviews and numbers … when I slack off (or actually pay attention to my family – gasp!-) then my blog remains stagnant. Blogging is WORK… but oh so rewarding! Keep up the great posts; I’m following you via bloglovin! jules

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