Decorating Glass Blocks!

I love to repurpose construction glass blocks into a great night-light or a holiday decoration. I choose to repurpose the construction blocks over buying the plastic ones from the craft store. I feel it serves a greater purpose by recycling instead of buying new. I have several blocks that I have purchased from various garage sales or that my neighbor had given me (Thanks Megan). I want to share a step by step tutorial on how to decorate your glass block.

Supplies needed:

Construction Glass Block

1/2 inch diamond hole saw


magic bubble liquid


20 light strand of lights

various decorations for outside of block


Step 1: Drill a hole in side of block with a 1/2 inch diamond hole saw. This is a type of saw to cut glass.

Tip: I place my glass block in the slop sink so I can run a steady stream of cold water over the block and the drill. This keeps the drill and the glass cool, which prevents cracking of the glass. I have cut(and broke) my fair share of blocks and wine bottles and I have found the cold water is the trick.

Step 2: Rinse the inside the block, rinse as much of the residue out from the inside of the block. It takes a long time for the inside of the blocks to dry. Tip: I bake the block in my oven at 170 degrees for 2 hours. The inside of the block will be completely dry after baking and letting cool.

Step 3: I squirt a fair amount of magic bubble liquid in the inside of the glass block. I turn and shake the block until all sides have been evenly coated with the liquid. I than drain any extra liquid.

Step 4: Pour glitter of your choice into the glass block. Shake and turn the block until all sides are evenly covered. Tip: I use a small funnel to pour the glitter into the small opening of the glass block.

Step 5: Place glass block into oven and bake @ 170 for another 2 hours, let cool completely.

Step 6: Insert light string into opening of glass block. Tip: I test the lights before inserting into glass block.

Now we are ready to decorate the outside of the glass block.

Step 7: Clean the outside of glass block with a cleaner to remove dirt and finger prints.

Step 8: Glue the metal glitter ornament(or decoration of your choice) on the glass block surface, let dry.

Step 9: Seal the block with Modge Podge to seal all the glitter from metal ornament and to give extra protection to the outside of the block.

Step 10: Wrap ribbon around outside of block, tie at top. Make a pretty bow and place at top of block.

I have made various versions of lighted glass blocks, and I want to share them with you.

All the above glass blocks and a few more selections are available in my Etsy shop. These glass blocks make a great addition to a room or for the holidays.

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