Autumn Picture Frame!

It is my favorite decorating season. I LOVE fall colors and decorating with these colors. I love the heat of summer, but love the season of fall the best. It is time to add these great fall colors into my home decor. Take down the summer and replace with the fall. I decided to decorate a picture frame with items that you find from nature.

I used this old picture frame I had on hand and found all the fall items on my morning walk with the dog. Here she is if you are wondering who helped me find all these great acorns.

I decided to paint the frame brown, just incase you would be able to see parts of the frame in between the fall decorations.

I than began to hot glued the fall findings around the entire frame. I purchased some nice fall scrapbook paper and created an “Autumn Quote” to go inside the frame.

I am really liking my first fall decoration. Now to finish the mantel and use this great fall frame. Stay tuned for the rest of my fall home decorations.


Too Much Time On My Hands

Hubby Made Me
Thrifty Decor Chic


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