Graduation Party Table Decorations.

I have started to prepare for the Graduation Party for my son Mack.  Yesterday I made his card box holder with an old mail box.  Today I completed the table decorations.

Here is the list of supplies I used for these graduation table decorations.

Mason Jar

decorative gem stones

decorative shredded shiny paper

decorative grass stick (black and silver)

metallic mesh fabric

decorative ribbon

I began by filling the bottom of the mason jar with decorative gemstones, than placed in the decorative grass sticks.  I used  the shredded shiny paper to hold the decorative sticks into place.  You will need to stuff a large amount of the shredded grass into mason jar to hold the sticks into place.  I also liked that they were over flowing, this gave the mason jar a pretty look if standing above the table decoration.  These actual look very pretty just like the below picture without the metallic mesh fabric.

I than laid out the metallic mesh fabric, which I had previously measured and cut.  I than gathered all the mesh around the neck of the jar and placed a rubber band around the fabric to hold into place.  I than tied my white and black ribbon around the fabric at the neck of the mason jar to hold all in place.  The ribbon was wide enough to cover the rubber band, so that remained in place under the ribbon.  I used my Bowdabra to make the smaller black bows.  I placed the black bow over top of the wide black and white ribbon.

I had the mason jars and the decorative gemstones already on hand.  The cost for each of these graduation table decorations was $2.80.  So total cost was $16.80, not bad for a beautiful addition to a table.  So now the next project for the party, candy dishes.

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