Photo editing that is EASY to use, and free!

Just had to share this new photo editing site that I heard about through

The photo editing site is PicMonkey.

This photo editing site is free and is SUPER easy to edit your photos.  I love it!  I just tried it out today and had to share it.

I want to show you these before and after photos I just did with my own photos.

This site also allows you to do touch up, add overlays, add text, add effects, add frames and add textures.  Here is a few photos I wanted to share with you on some of the really cool things I was able to do.

Original Photo

I used all the same original photo.

The Focal B&W was used for this effect.

 I think this is my favorite!

Used "Frost" effects for this photo.

Used "Posterize" effects on this one.

Believe me when I say, “If I can use it, than you can too!”  I will be using this for all my photo editing in the future.

Here is one more before and after.



For these before and after photos, I used the “auto adjust” feature.

Did I mention that you can resize photos too?  This is a great feature since each social media site has different pixel size photo requirements.  I know how important photos are for all those artists who sell through e-commerce sites like Etsy, HandmadeArtists etc.  I wanted to help spread the word for all of you who need an ESAY to use photo editor.

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